The 5th International Symposium on Steel Science - ISSS 2017

About ISSS

ISSS 2017 is the fifth of the series of international symposia on the science of steels, which started in 2007 in Kyoto and followed by the second in 2009, the third in 2012 and the 4th in 2014 at the same place. It is a project fully supported by the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ), aiming at presenting the latest results of frontier research on iron and steel and discussing them in depth. Topics are carefully selected to bring good balance between academic seeds and industrial needs. The fifth symposium is organized by the committee consisting of 24 active researchers from academia and industry, with four chairpersons: FURUHARA, T. (Tohoku U.), TSUCHIYAMA, T. (Kyushu U.), II, S. (NIMS) and MIYAMOTO, G. (Tohoku U.)
The symposium will take place amid the calm atmosphere in the suburbs of Kyoto, the historic city (the former capital) of Japan. The number of participants will be limited to about 80, partly because of the capacity of the facility, but it is intended so that all participants communicate well – senior and up-and-coming researchers and engineers, from academia and from industry. Academic sessions will start from the afternoon on 13th November, 2017.
The symposium consists of oral and poster sessions. All oral presentations are given by invited speakers while contributions are to be presented as posters. The topics featured in ISSS 2017 are various heterogeneities in the microstructure of advanced high strength steels, such as grain distributions, partitioning/segregation of alloying elements, localization of deformation and so on. Martensite or bainite transformations attract more attentions in novel heat treatments likes Quenching & Partitioning or low temperature austempering. Of course, resulting mechanical properties is another important aspect focused in this symposium. Both experimental and theoretical studies are all welcome.
The proceedings will contain papers of all the oral and poster presentations, and will be published by the ISIJ.