Scope & Topic

Many international conferences on microstructure and property control in steels that were initiated in Japan, such as THERMEC, ISGUS, ICASS, have focused on the active research and development topics of each decade. We feel that it is important to continue these efforts to promote further advancements in the science and engineering of steels.

The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan is now offering a series on the international symposium in steel science (IS3). One of the main purposes of this symposium series is to present and discuss the frontier research in the materials science of steels and its related technologies. The attendees with common professional interests will have the opportunity to participate in intense discussions and to examine the most advanced aspects of the topic. Another goal is to educate young steel researchers and engineers for the next generation. We believe that this symposium will provide a valuable means of spreading information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the communication, publications and presentations at large multi-session meetings.

The topic for the 1st IS3 symposium will cover martensite and bainite in steels. Those microstructures are the most fundamental and important in high-strength steels and have been used more extensively due to increasing demands for higher strengths in various application areas. One of the long remaining tasks in those steels is to improve the toughness/ductility that are strongly affected by the details of the martensite/bainite structures such as grain size, dislocations and precipitates. Recent advances of martensitic and bainitic steels will be reviewed from both the academic and practical aspects at the symposium for the purpose of developing new breakthrough technology for high-strength steels.

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