Overview of Conference Schedule

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(1) Oral Presentation
  • Plenary and Keynote Lectures : 60 minutes (50 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion)
  • Invited Talk : 45 minutes (35 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion) except in the evening session
  • Detailed Program for Oral Presentations

Authors are advised to use the Computer provided and to prepare the presenting material in Microsoft Power Point format (*.ppt) and store it in Compact Disc (CD) or USB memory stick.

(2) Poster Presentation

Poster presentations will be made from 9:00 am to 12:30 am on May 18 (Friday).

Short presentation of 3 min per each scheduled from 9:00 am to 10:40 am. Authors need to use the Computer provided and to prepare the presenting material in Microsoft Power Point format (*.ppt) and store it in Compact Disc (CD) or USB memory stick. The numbers of slides allowed are 4 in maximum including the title. Please hand it in at the desk when you register.
Poster size should not exceed 90cm width x 150cm height. Poster code number will be shown in each panel.

Titles and Speakers in Oral Session

Plenary lecture

"Recent Advance in Understanding Martensite in Steels "

- Tadashi Maki (Kyoto University & Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan)

Keynote lectures

"The Microstructure and Toughness of Martensitic Steel"

- J. W. Morris, Jr. (Univerisity of California Berkeley, U. S. A.)

"The Nature, Mechanism and Properties of Strong Bainite"

- H. D. K. H. Bhadeshia (University of Cambridge, U. K.)

"       " (Title would be announced soon.)

- W. T. Reynolds, Jr. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, U. S. A.)

Invited talks

Time-Resolved X-ray diffraction Investigation of Austenite and Transformation to Bainite

- S. S. Babu (Edison Welding Institute, U. S. A.)

Recent Utilization Examples of Steels with Bainitic Microstructure for Welded Structures and an Proposal for Future Works on their Microstructural Controls

- Shigeru Endo (JFE Steel Corporation, Japan)

Numerical Simulation of Cu precipitation in Steel

- Masato Enomoto (Ibaraki University, Japan)

On the Controlling Factors of Grain Sizes in Ferrous Martensite and Bainite

- Tadashi Furuhara (Tohoku University, Japan)

Materials Science and Technology on Martensitic Steels for Advanced USC Power Plants

- Masaaki Igarashi (Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Japan)

Application of Ausforming process to Components

- Sachihiro Isogawa (Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Japan)

Crystallographic Analysis of Characteristic Sizes of Lath Martensite Morphology

-Shigekazu Morito (Shimane University, Japan)

A New Aspect of the Strengthening Factors of Fe-C Martensite through Characterization of Nanoindentation-Induced Deformation Behavior

- Takahito Ohmura (National Institute for Materials, Japan)

Effects of a High Magnetic Field on Martensitic and Bainitic Transformations in Fe-Based Alloys

- Hideyuki Ohtsuka (National Institute for Materials, Japan)

Applications of Bainitic Microstructures to High Strength Steel Sheets for Auto-Bodies

- Manabu Takahashi (Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan)

Discussion: What is the Contribution of Dislocation Boundaries to Strength of Metals ?

- Nobuhiro Tsuji (Osaka University, Japan)

Key to Improve Fatigue Resistance in High Strength Martensitic Steels

- Hiroshi Yaguchi (Kobelco Research Institute Inc., Japan)