Poster program

Poster No. Title Authors (Presenter) Affiliation
P1 Observation of heterogeneous nucleation and growth of acicular ferrite in HSLA steel weld metal Y. Komizo,
H. Terasaki,
T. Yamada
Osaka University
P2 Microstructures of plain C-Mn Steel sheets due to super short interval multi-pass rolling in stable austenite region K. Miyata,
M. Wakita,
S. Fukushima,
M. Eto, T. Sasaki,
T. Tomoda
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
P3 Nanostructure Investigation on a tempered Super Bainitic Steel C. Y. Chen,
H. W. Yen and J. R. Yang
National Taiwan University
P4 Bainite transformation behavior from (γ + α') dual phase structure H. Kawata,
K. Hayashi,
M. Takahashi
Nippon Steel Corporation
P5 Crystallography of lath-shaped bainite structure in low carbon steel Y. Shinohara,
T. Hara, H. Asahi
Nippon Steel Corporation
P6 A study of the effects of systematic variations of aluminum content on the microstructural evolution in advanced high strength steels during continuous annealing D. N. Hanlon,
S. Celotto,
L. Bracke, S. Melzer, A. Rijkenberg
Corus Research Development and Technology
P7 Micorstructural characterization of low carbon bainitic steel J. -Y. Kang,
J. -M. Chung,
T. -H. Ahn,
H. N. Han,
H.-C. Lee
Seoul National University
P8 Characteristics of martensite transformed from ultrafine grained austenite in 29.6wt%Ni steel H. Kitahara,
N. Tsuji
Kumamoto University
P9 Effect of tramp elements on martensite formation during heat treatment of TRIP-aided multiphase steels D. -W. Suh,
S. -J. Park,
C. -S. Oh,
S. -J. Kim
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
P10 Effect of ausforming on morphology of martensite and retained austenite in Fe-Ni-C alloys K. Fujiwara,
T. Kawabata,
S. Okaguchi,
K. Arimochi
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
P11 Phase transformation induced by severe plastic deformation in SUS 304 stainless steel M. Umemoto,
J. G. Li, Y. Todaka,
K. Fujisaku,
K. Tsuchiya
Toyohashi University of Technology
P12 Interphase boundary structure of lenticular martensite in an Fe-33Ni alloy A. Shibata,
T. Furuhara, T. Maki
Kyoto University
P13 Inhomogeneous deformation-induced martensitic transformation of fine austenite grains dispersed within martensite structure N. Nakada,
T. Tsuchiyama,
S. Takaki
Kyushu University
P14 Comparison between Fe-C and Fe-N alloys on lath martensite Y. Iwami,
T. Koyano,
S. Morito, T. Ohba
Shimane University
P15 Strain rate dependence of the strain-induced martensitic transformation in a metastable austenitic stainless steel P. Hedström,
L. -E. Lindgren,
M. Odèn
Lule? University of Technology
P16 Characterization and simulation of carbides precipitation during tempering of modified AISI H11 hot-work tool steel S. Mauriès,
P. Michaud,
D. Delagnes,
P. Lamesle,
E. Kozeschnik
Ecole des Mines d’Albi Carmaux
P17 Precise measurement of accommodation strain in austenite surrounding martensite by electro backscatter diffraction G. Miyamoto,
A. Shibata, T. Maki,
T. Furuhara
Tohoku University
P18 Reason for quick formation of ultrafine grains in thermomechanical processes starting from martensite R. Ueji,
N. Tsuji
Kagawa University
P19 Properties of bainite nucleated by water quenching in 80ms G. M. Cola,
Jr., R. McKenney
P20 Metallurgical design and development of X120 high strength line pipe steels T. Hara,
H. Morimoto,
H. Asahi,
Y. Terada,
M. Sugiyama
Nippon Steel Corporation
P21 Improvement of HAZ toughness in high strength steels under high heat input by refinement of bainite Y. Okazaki,
H. Takaoka,
H. Hatano,
H. Kawano, S.Okano
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
P22 Study on toughness property in low carbon bainitic steel J. -Y. Cho,
K. -K. Um,
J. -K. Choi
POSCO Technical Research Laboratories
P23 Effect of microstructure refinement on mechanical properties of low alloy martensitic steel M. Wang,
C. Wang, J. Shi,
W. Hui, H. Dong
Central Iron and Steel Research Institute
P24 Work hardening mechanism studied by in situ neutron diffraction
during tensile deformation
S. Morooka,
P. G. Xu, T. Suzuki,
Y. Tomota,
T. Kamiyama
Ibaraki University
P25 Effect of microstructure on torsional fatigue endurance of
martensitic carbon steel
S. Toyoda,
Y.Kawabata, K.Sakata
JFE Steel Corporation
P26 Effect of mobile dislocations on yielding behavior of an ultra low carbon martensitic steel K. Nakashima,
Y. Fujimura,
H. Matsubayashi,
T. Tsuchiyama,
S. Takaki
Kyushu Univeristy
P27 Effect of intercritical annealing time on mechanical properties of cold-rolled dual phase steel Y. Toji,
K. Hasegawa,
H. Matsuda,
T. Yamashita,
Y. Tanaka
JFE Steel Corporation
P28 Improvement of hydrogen induced fracture resistance by cold working in martensitic steels T. Kochi,
M. Nagao,
H. Yaguchi
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
P29 Mechanism of creep strengthening in high Cr ferritic heat
resistant steel added V and Nb
M. Mitsuhara,
Y. Yoshida,
K. Ikeda,
H. Nakashima,
T. Wakai
Kyushu Univeristy
P30 Gigacycle fatigue of tempered martensitic steel and effects of inclusions Y. Furuya National Institute for Materials Science
P31 Microstructure, design and corrosion performance of lath martensitic Microcomposite steels in highly alkaline environments G. Kusinski,
M. Mancio,
T. Devine,
P. Monteiro,
G. Thomas
MMFX Technologies Corporation