Invited speakers

  • Bruno C. DE COOMAN (Postech, Korea)
    Influence of interstitial-dislocation interactions on the gamma relaxation and Snoek-Ke-Koester relaxation in steel
  • ENOMOTO Masato (Ibaraki University, Japan)
    Calculation of growth rate of ferrite in multi-component Fe-C base alloys
  • HAMADA Masahiko (Sumitomo Metal Industries, Japan)
    Effect of boron addition on microstructure and toughness of carbon steel weld metal
  • Zi-Kui LIU (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
    Materials Genome: CALPHAD, ESPEI, and beyond
  • MIYAMOTO Goro (Tohoku University, Japan)
    Formation of nano-sized cluster and nitride during nitriding of ferrous alloys
  • NUMAKURA Hiroshi (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
    Interaction between interstitial and substitutional solute atoms in iron
  • OGATA Shigenobu (Osaka University, Japan)
    Modelling and simulation of diffusion behaviour of hydrogen and carbon in iron
  • OHTANI Hiroshi (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
    Thermodynamic study on grain-boundary segregation of B in Fe
  • Elena V. PERELOMA (University of Wollongong, Australia)
    Effect of chromium on strain ageing and recrystallisation behaviour of low carbon steel
  • Dierk RAABE (Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, Germany)
    Nanoscale austenite reversion in martensitic and maraging-TRIP steels
  • SATO Kaoru (JFE Steel Corporation, Japan)
    Progress in analytical sciences in the steel industry - A vehicle for designing advanced steels
  • Marcel H. F. SLUITER (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
    Interactions between interstitial and substitutional solutes in ferrite from first-principles
  • SUGIYAMA Masaaki (Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan)
    Progress of interfacial segregation issues with advanced nano-analyses
  • TAKAHASHI Jun (Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan)
    Influence of carbon and nitrogen segregated at grain boundaries on Hall-Petch coefficient in ferritic steel
  • TANAKA Masaki (Kyushu University, Japan)
    Solute effects on toughness

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