Invited speakers

  • AZUMA, Masafumi (Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Co.)
    Ductile fracture in dual phase steel
  • ISHIKAWA, Nobuyuki (JFE Steel Co.)
    Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Multi-Phase Structural Steels by Controlling Microscopic Deformation and Fracture Behavior
    In situ straining experiments at low and high temperatures in Fe and Fe alloys
  • HIGASHIDA, Kenji (Kyushu University)
    Toward bridging dislocation behaviors and materials fracture
  • IKUHARA, Yuichi (The University of Tokyo)
    Grain Boundary Dynamics and Dislocation Interaction in Materials
  • ITAKURA, Mitsuhiro (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
    First-principles calculation of screw dislocation core in bcc iron
  • MINE, Yoji (Kumamoto University)
    Micromechanical characterization of hierarchical micro/nano structures in steels
  • MITSUHARA, Masatoshi (Kyushu University)
    High Temperature Deformation Dynamics in Crystalline Materials
  • OHATA, Mitsuru(Osaka University)
    Hierarchical Ductile Damage Simulation for Structural Performance-Based Material Design
  • OHMURA, Takahito (National Institute for Materials Science)
    Dislocation motion and related nano-mechanical behavior of bcc iron
  • SHIMOKAWA, Tomotsugu (Kanazawa University)
    Atomic simulation of the role of the interface on mechanical properties of pearlite steel
  • SOFRONIS, Petros (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Micromechanics of hydrogen-induced fracture: from experiments and modelling to prognosis
  • SPEER, John (Colorad School of Mines)
    Quenching and Partitioning Steel
  • TASAN, Cem (Max Planck Institute for Iron Research)
    Ductile damage: micro-mechanisms and macro-influences
  • TODA, Hiroyuki (Kyushu University)
    Assessment of ductile fracture via 3D/4D image-based approaches
  • KOCHI, Takuya (Kobe steel Ltd.)
    Influence of inclusion on fatigue of bearing steel